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Scott/Garrison Duo.  Rough Wind/Smooth Wind, featuring Togetherness, Albany Records Troy 1742, 2018

Osborn, Sean.  Bits & Pieces, featuring Folk Songs, Albany Records Troy 1396, 2013  


Rowlett, Michael.  Close to Home: Music of American Composers, featuring Rrowzer!, Albany Records Troy 1385, 2012


Spring, Robert.  Dry Heat, featuring 3 works, Potenza Music PM1026, 2012           


Oakes, Gregory.  New Dialects, featuring Folk Songs, Centaur Records CRC 3038, 2009  

Tone Road Ramblers.  Dancing With the Ramblers, featuring Dark Energy, Einstein Records 018, 2008


Mandat, Eric.  Black Swirls, music of Eric P. Mandat, Cirrus Music CMCD001, 2007        


Osborn, Sean.  American Spirit, featuring Preludes, book I by Eric Mandat, Albany Records Troy 619, 2003


Mandat, Eric.  The Extended Clarinet, Advance Recordings FGCD-32, 1991

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