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For more than 40 years, I have been at the forefront of clarinet extended performance techniques exploration, particularly multiphonics, microtones, and timbral modulations. I tour regularly as a concert soloist, premiering and performing my works throughout the world. For 15 seasons I was a member of the Chicago Symphony's MusicNOW ensemble, and I was a member of the eclectic improvising ensemble Tone Road Ramblers for nearly 30 years. I have received multiple Illinois Arts Council Artist Fellowships for Composition. In 1999 I was honored with the Southern Illinois University Outstanding Scholar Award, the university’s highest honor for research/creative work.

My ongoing personal artistic mission is to continue exploring the myriad sonic possibilities of the clarinet, both in an acoustic context and with interactive technologies. My mission as a performing artist is to invite listeners to explore the deep and delicate inner worlds of self through their experiences of the micro galaxies of clarinet multiphonics and subtle timbral and pitch modulations in my compositions and improvisational commentaries. My work is largely inspired by the relationships between vast external universes and the micro worlds of subatomic interactions and processes. This dichotomous relationship serves as a context for the expression of my personal intimate feelings and experiences as I interact with the world around me. Speaking through my traditional acoustic instrument in so many non-traditional ways, I invite audiences to travel through similar uncharted territories within themselves.


Photograph by Brittany Faith Photography

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