Wily Nonchalance (2020) – 6'

Solo B-flat clarinet - $10

Commissioned by Season Cowley, Eva Hagan, and Calla Olson. Exploration of the secret

inner workings of our feline friends: seemingly disengaged, then suddenly right on top of

whatever adventure happens to present itself in a given moment.

Winter Fantasy (2019)8'

Solo B-flat clarinet - $10

Commissioned by Olivia Meadows.  The many moods of winter expressed in a format inspired by

Wilson Osborne's Rhapsody, with an introduction to microtones and multiphonics for the

adventurous young performer.

Songs from Afar (2019)– 6’

Violin and clarinet - $25

Commissioned by Gretchen Hill with assistance from the Hansen Fellowship and

Bowling Green State University. Several “songs” contained in a single movement,

celebrating the marvelous balance between uniqueness and shared common experiences

among our world’s myriad cultures. 

Desperate Measures (2019)– 7’

Solo bass clarinet - $20

Commissioned by Jack Liang. Desperation and inspiration are strong intuitive feelings

that call us to effect change. Inspiration unacted upon can morph into desperation, where

the spark of enlightenment can transform itself into a looming  darkness, while

desperation’s attendant urgency to act can prod us to heightened states of inspiration. 

Of Foxes, Dragons, and Leprechauns (2018) – 4’

for band - Rental/purchase details by request

Commissioned by Desert Ridge Junior High Band, Mesa, AZ, Brian Mabry,

Director of Bands. Celebrating the traditions we share with our neighbors across

the Atlantic, the work re-imagines four popular folk songs: “Rickett’s Hornpipe”

(England), “Pais Dinogåd” (Wales), “A Fig for a Kiss” (Ireland), and “Off She Goes” (Ireland)

Togetherness (2017) – 11'

Duet for flute/piccolo and B-flat/E-flat clarinet, performance score and practice score - $20

Commissioned by the Scott/Garrison Duo, Shannon Scott, clarinet, Leonard Garrison, flute

This work explores the flow of confluent and divergent energies in heightened states, as if

these subtle microworlds were suddenly transformed into a macrovibrant bustling metropolises.

I. Profound – Contemplative, dusky, and ethereal multiphonics.

II. Quirky – Crystalline whimsy, interrupted by occasional boorish outbursts

III. Driving – Triumphant and purposeful, with the performers taking turns leading the action.

Ignorance and Blitz (2017) – 6'

Clarinet Quintet (E-flat, 2 B-flat, 2 bass) score and parts - $25

Commissioned by Buffet Crampon USA for the Buffet Summer Academy faculty

(Mark Nuccio, Victoria Luperi, Pascual Martinez Forteza, J. Lawrie Bloom, André Moisan).

Two contrasting movements: the dark antagonistic energy of willful ignorance, and a swift

kick in the pants to send broody moodiness packing. 

The Bangui Anomaly (2017) – 9'
B-flat clarinet and bass clarinet duet, performance score and practice score - $25
Commissioned by the Egide Duo, Joshua and Stefanie Gardner 
A themeless set of variations based on a 10-note row, wandering, angry, grotesque,
Ruff 'em Up (2016) – 6'
Clarinet Quintet (E-flat, 2 B-flat, 2 bass) score and parts - $20

Commissioned by Buffet Crampon USA for the Buffet Summer Academy faculty

(Mark Nuccio, Ixi Chen, Pascual Martinez Forteza, J. Lawrie Bloom, André Moisan). Bumps

and grinds in the basses provide the foundation for floating B-flat clarinet lines, while the

E-flat clarinet plays spoiler throughout.

Two Reflections on the Crab Nebula (2016) – 9'
Solo Alto Saxophone - $20

Commissioned by Christopher Creviston. Reflections on a white dwarf star going supernova,

that was recorded by astronomers in China and what is now Iraq, even in the daytime, in the

year 1054, the remnants of which are known today as the Crab Nebula.

I. The Chandrasekhar Limit – Relentless lurching and heaving from the wild unstable

energy of a white dwarf star ready to explode

II. The Pulsar Wind in Taurus – Effortless floating in an endlessly deep cosmic


Parallel Histories: An Excursion (2016) – 9’

2 clarinet/bass clarinet soloists and band - Rental/purchase details by request

Commissioned by Jay Niepoetter and written for Jay Niepoetter and Jihoon Chang and The

President’s Own Marine Band. Conceived as a showpiece for outdoor performance during the

4th of July weekend celebrations at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., this work also

explores the personal and collective triumphs and struggles we all have faced throughout the

history of this American Experiment.  

Mope & Boogie (2014) – 7’

B-flat clarinet and piano - $30

Commissioned by Ben Redwine for the 2014 Oklahoma Clarinet Symposium Young Artist 

Competition. The balance between disciplined patience and reckless abandon is in full force

in this two-movement ditty. Lots of work for the pianist's left hand!

Chiral Symmetries (2013) – 24’

Solo B-flat clarinet - $20

Six deep movements exploring the intricacies of the universe with extremely challenging

multiphonics and fingering intricacies: Stars Twinkle, Planets Shine; Strings of Waves of

Strings; Dancing on the Light’s Edge; Origins; Infinity’s Embrace; The Universe Stops

Expanding Briefly to Offer Advice.

2 Teez (2013) – 12

B-flat clarinet and string quartet, score and parts - $40

Commissioned by DANSR for the Vandoren Emerging Artist Competition. Two twisted movements:

Absurdities – the clarinet weaves in and out of plucking and chugging from the strings; Incongruities

heavy grinding energy from all at full tilt 

Pursuits of Happiness (2011) – 8

Clarinet sextet (E-flat, 3 B-flat, basset horn, bass) (2011), score and parts, including alternate

alto clarinet part - $40

Composed for Rose Sperrazza and the Chicago Clarinet Ensemble

Written for three clarinetist couples: Stanley and Naomi Drucker, John Bruce Yeh and Teresa Reilly,

and Rose Sperraza and David Tuttle. Each movement highlights one of the couples

I. Romp

II. Honesty

III. Stomp

Shadows from Flames (2011) – 22

B-flat clarinet solo with bass clarinet quartet backup band, score and parts - $50

Written for Edmund Welles, the Bass Clarinet Quartet

A rock epic in five connected movements:

I. Intensity

II. Longing

III. Cauldron

IV. Oracle

V. Assault

Lines, Spaces, Planes (2010) – 8’30"

Clarinet trio (2 B-flat, B-flat/bass), score and parts - $30

I. Lines – Swanky counterpoint, but everyone’s their own boss

II. Spaces – Drifting glissandi under a languid melody

III. Planes – Thick parallel lines searing into your consciousness

Three Hasty Studies (2010) – 8

B-flat clarinet ensemble (5 parts), score and parts - $25

Composed for the 2010 ClarinetFest® tribute to legendary Eastman teacher, Stanley Hasty.

Each short movement is based on one of Mr. Hasty’s teaching concepts:

I. H’tah Molly – Preparing the air before making clean attacks, creating a pyramid effect

II. Klose Calls – Expressive wide interval gestures passed fro one part to the other, with an

optional multiphonic solo coda

III. Trill Ride – Keeping fingers close to the holes and moving evenly back and forth

Four Tempers (2009) – 17

Three clarinetists (B-flat/bass, 2 bass) and drum set, score and parts - $50

Requires skilled drum set improviser. Check your anger management skills at the door! Four

uncompromisingly intense movements:

I. Burning Up

II. Patience

III. Aggression

IV. Burning Down

Bipolarang (2008) – 8

Two B-flat clarinets, performance score and practice score - $25

Composed for Robert Spring and Jana Starling. Lots oppositional energy and manic mood shifts out

to the edge and back again.

The Moon in My Window (2007) – 10

Solo B-flat clarinet - $20

Written for Kelly Johnson. The daily activities of a child – waking, playing, eating, nap time, more play

(always!), and finally, bedtime are depicted in six innocent and light, yet technically challenging movements.

Double Life (2007) – 10

Solo clarinet (B-flat and A), also PVC extension (included) - $25

Composed in honor of clarinetist/composer William O. Smith

I. Double Life – Alternation between B-flat and A clarinets playing jazzy (Bill) and free, expansive

(William O.) motives, then playing both clarinets simultaneously

II. Deep Thoughts – for B-flat clarinet with PVC extension to access some of those deep thought

III. To Be Continued… - Always moving forward, always energetic, just like Bill

Peg & Hole Collide (2006) – 7

Clarinet quartet (E-flat, E-flat/B-flat, B-flat, bass), score and parts - $20

Opposing forces congregate in the same place, with each instrument holding firm to its voice;

a unified collective statement emerges despite stubborn individualities.

Rrowzer! (2005) – 8

Solo B-flat clarinet - $10

A grouchy old dog barking in the low register sets up the main ideas in this piece of flexible

length, as the performer builds the shape by determining the number of repetitions of each cell.

2 Cool 2 B Flat (2005) – 13

Two E-flat clarinets and piano (2005), piano score and clarinet parts $40

I. E force – A heavy march

II. E 4 Too – Variations combining “Tea for Two” and an original introduction motive

III. Contemplation – A very slow and free exploration of inner selves

IV. Eefer Madness – The title says it all, so hold on to your horns!

Black Swirls (2004) – 4’45"

Two B-flat clarinets, performance score and practice score - $25

Companion piece to Ritual. A cyclone blows through your town in four minutes, paced with microtones.

Finger Food (2001-02)

Etudes for clarinet - $20

A collection of 14 little left hand and right hand studies, plus a couple bonuses; fun for all.

“A wonderful resource…Finger Food is a worthy contribution to the repertoire because of the musical value of the

works, the clear focus of each etude on a certain aspect of finger technique, [and] the clever and compelling title…

This is such a valuable and exciting book.” ~ Kennen White, The Clarinet

3 for 2 (2001) – 17

B-flat clarinet and percussion - $40

Composed for Robert Spring and J.B. Smith

I. Pruned Danish – Twisted licks from the Nielsen Concerto

II. Veiled Images – Poignant reflection with vibes

III. Outta My Way! – Non-stop blasts from clarinet and kitchen sink percussion setup.

Ritual (2000) – 5

Two B-flat clarinets, version A or version B, score and practice score - $7

Version A is a slow, contemplative with extensive choreography for the adventurous duo;

version B has less extensive choreography.

Coconut Candy (2000) – 4’
Solo B-flat clarinet - $7

Light and sweet, but you’ll burn a few calories working out the fingering combinations!

One Liners (2000) – 16’30"

Clarinet trio (E-flat/B-flat, B-flat, B-flat/bass), score and parts - $40

Lots of tasty tidbits, and number of which may be played in any order. Something for everyone, from a

demented reel to a poignant chorale to a loose canon, and everything in between.

Chips Off the Ol’ Block (1999) – 8’30"

Solo bass clarinet - $20

One little theme after another, each breaking off in mid-development to make way for the next; eventually

the themes all coalesce in a fiery cauldron of notes.

So What Elsa’s New (1997) – 3

Two B-flat clarinets, performance score and practice score - $15

Written for Gerry Errante and Elsa Verdehr and the 1997 Michigan State Clarinet Contemporary

Festival.  Refrain and verses, floating and dizzy.

Sub(t)rains O’ Strata’s Fears (1996) – 12

Solo B-flat clarinet - $35

Written for clarinet virtuoso Robert Spring. Circular breathing, double tonguing, and lots of

unconventional fingerings and microtones. A wild rollercoaster ride – the title says it all.

“An array of beautiful rhythmic drones with interspersed melodies, circular breathing, double

tonguing and multiphonics…both Mandat and Spring manage to make gorgeous sense of it.”

~ The Clarinet

Preludes, book I (1994) – 9’30"

Solo B-flat clarinet - $20

Five short lyrical pieces exploring a variety of multiphonic and microtonal techniques.

“Witty and even sly.” ~ Elena Lence Talley, The Clarinet


Music for Clarinets (1991-94)  – 24’30"

Solo B-flat clarinet and clarinet ensemble (3 B-flat, 2 bass/B-flat, contra alto) score and parts - $80

Three full-blown connected movements exploring the microtonal possibilities of all:

Concertino, Interlude, and Finale.  

Etude for Barney (1990) – 3’
Solo B-flat clarinet - $7

A snappy quarter-tone study in rondo form written for composer Barney Childs. Required piece for

2014 International Clarinet Association Young Artist Competition

The Jungle (1989) – 13

Solo B-flat clarinet - $25

I. Call to Arms – Juxtaposition of static machine-like rhythms and quirky microtonal outbursts

II. Lament – Perfect-interval multiphonics gradually pulled out of tune

III. Apotheosis – Reconciliation between the static rhythms and microtones, or is it a surrender?

“A jazzy tour de force…vaguely familiar yet totally refreshing…it grows on you rather quickly.”

~ Ted Shen, Chicago Reader

Folk Songs (1986) – 13

Solo B-flat clarinet - $35

Five movements; not actual folk songs, but each with a distinct folk-like character, from Appalachian

fiddling to Japanese shakuhachi music to “star songs.”

"A composition of this caliber will most likely enter the performance repertoire as the representative piece

of the decade!” ~ Linda Pierce, The Clarinet

Tricolor Capers (1980) – 9

Solo B-flat clarinet - $20

I. Portent – Multiphonic trills and melodic fragments signaling movements 2 and 3

II. Sway – A drunken quarter tone wobble

III. Bop – A jazz-inspired frenzy of notes.

“This piece is to the 80s what Donald Martino’s A Set for Clarinet was to the 50s.”

~ composer Barney Childs

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